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Gambler now presses "Deal" button and new cards will be dealt out where discarded (non-held) cards once appeared. A total Five cards that you now have is your finalized hand. Your final hand ascertains whether you succeed or lose.

Single Hand Video Poker

Every 1-hand Video-Poker game could be bet with five cents, Twenty five cents, $.50, one dollar or five dollars and you may play from 1 to Five coins per hand. Depending on coins wagered, the electronic-poker game will highlight the payout column for there to be simply no confusion as to how much you might be betting with any particular online game.

Multi-Hand Video Poker (3 or more hands)

Every single Electronic-Poker game that has 3 or much more hands may be played with $.01, $.05, 25 cents, $.50 or One dollar and you may play from One – Five coins per hand. Players can choose from 3 hands, Ten hands, Fifty-two hands or 100 hands. If you are employing a online game that has Three or more hands, you can click on "Pay schedule" button to see pay out table with proper column highlighted based on coins wagered.

Each hand played by a gambler, cards held by player’s appear. Cards are drawn randomly filling spots. Once a card or cards have been discarded by a player, they cannot appear in any future hands.

Video-Poker Hands (Highest – Lowest)

Electronic Poker hands are normally ranked in order, but game-particular pay schedules may perhaps fluctuate and are always posted on every single video poker machine.

One: Sequential Royal Flush – exact order and suite (10 Spades, J Spades, Queen Spades, KS, A Spades )

Two: Royal Flush – identical suit (10H, Q Hearts, J Hearts, Ace Hearts, King Hearts)

3: Straight Flush – in sequence, 5 cards identical suit (3 Spades, Four-S, Five-S, Six Spades, Seven Spades)

4: Four of a Kind – Four cards same rank (6 Diamonds, Six Spades, 6C, Six-H)

5: Full House – Three a type, plus ace pair (2H, 2 diamonds, 2S, 3 Hearts, 3 Spades)

Six: Flush – Five cards identical suit (Two-D, Four Diamonds, 6 Diamonds, Eight Diamonds, 9 Diamonds)

Seven: Straight – 5 cards in sequence (3 Hearts, 4C, 5 Hearts, 6S, Seven-D)

Eight: Three of a Kind – Three cards similar rank (Seven Hearts, Seven-S, Seven Diamonds)

9: Two Pair – 2 pairs distinct rank (4 Hearts, 4 Spades, 6 Diamonds, 6 Spades)

Ten: One Pair – One pair (2 cards) exact rank (K Diamonds, K Hearts)